Success Story of ASQ Team Setting up Recruitment Strategy


Our Bangalore based  startup client embarked on a new HR transformation journey and as part of the new HR model, there would be a recruitment specialist group in each country across three key sectors.

This aim of this new model was to increase and enhance synergies in the way the company attracts new talent and explore methods of increasing both the hiring manager and candidate experience as well as building on the employer brand.

The implementation  took three months, harmonising best practice and policy across the three sectors and all of the operating businesses. This process included identifying, attracting and employing externally a brand new team of seven Bangalore based recruitment professionals to start within three months.

After reaching out to AmpersandSquare the Client decided to partner with us to understand the project requirements, timelines and desired candidate personality. Even though Client was looking for experienced professionals, it was equally important to hire people who would be a great fit for the company, looking to build careers within the organisation and who would bring fun and new ideas to the table.


AmpersandSquare took the time to understand the initiative and how the model was going to work, and agreed timelines and process up front.

By getting to know the hiring manager, we thoroughly understood what would be important and how the virtual team should be motivated and work together.

We met with all of the candidates and due diligence was conducted in understanding the organisation but taking into consideration our Client’s values and Credo.


The Founder of the Startup was amazed at how a complete team was hired in time for training with the us. For the Client it was very unusual to ‘go live’ with a full team hired on the same day.

ASQ helped manage all the negotiating around start dates and training commitments which relieved the hiring manager. After four days together on training, the team had bonded and settled in well.

Five months on, the team has a lot of challenges; steps which were omitted in the implementation process or training but the team take it all on board and deal with it with humour and confidence.

The team has had impressive feedback from the rest of the Cllient’s business on how professional they are and how the team understands the business and industry. Line managers enjoy recruiting again because they work with business partners who understand their needs and want to make it a great experience.