Why Hire Graduates?

In todays’ knowledge economy, talent is very critical to companies. Talent attraction and retaining talent is a top priority — however companies still struggle to fill skilled positions.

Recruiting, the first step of the talent lifecycle is insanely crucial to nail. Quality talent attraction is a growing concern for employers. In fact, a recent study revealed that 39% of employers have jobs that stay open for four months or longer due to the inability to find people with appropriate skills. The issue isn’t that the necessary talent doesn’t exist; the issue lies in effectively finding and attracting this talent. Most organisations steer clear of hiring graduates and the most quoted reason is “we just don’t have the resource to train them”.

But in a world where talent has the highest correlation with the success (or failure) of a business – and also the biggest business expense, that argument doesn’t really stand. Here are 5 reasons why you should review your recruitment strategy…

Why Hire Grads?

  1. Stop stretching people downwards and make them do boring work below their level – instead, hire people who are motivated to learn the ropes and allow your experienced people to stretch themselves vertically.
  2. Nobody wants to think about staff attrition. But it’s a reality. That’s why it’s important to hope for the best, and plan for succession.
  3. Embrace them as a source of diversity in your business. You’d be surprised how innovative they can be. Our grads consistently win competitions for best visual presentations.
  4. Create more opportunities for progression and promotion for everyone in your team compared to hiring experienced people.
  5. Don’t be afraid of your company culture changing. That’s a good thing. Give graduates the opportunity to champion and shape the future of your company culture. This can be one of your most important (and cheapest!) benefits you can offer as an employer.